National Math Stars

National Math Stars

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We believe most schools have at least one student that could be a National Math Star. And as a team of former educators, we know that giving that student the challenge, resources, and support they crave can be difficult. That’s why we’re eager to partner with you in identifying and inviting your top math students to become National Math Stars.

If selected, each National Math Star at your school (and their family) will receive over $100,000 in resources and support to accelerate their potential.

Getting involved is easy. For most schools and districts, it takes less than one hour of work to participate. To get started, please submit this School/District Interest Form or reach out to us directly at

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What to Expect

  1. We schedule a brief, 15-20-minute call to answer any questions you have about the program

  2. You identify your top 2nd- and 3rd-grade math students. These include:

    • The top 2% of scores on a recent math aptitude or achievement assessment (NWEA MAP, STAAR, G&T screener, etc.)
    • Any students that teachers identify as having extraordinary math potential (with or without a top score)
  3. We send you a set of “Invitation to Apply” letters and awards that you distribute to the students you identified

    These can be distributed in person by school personnel, via email from a central district office, or both

  4. Families apply on behalf of their children

The program is completely free for districts, schools, and families. Schools whose students are chosen as National Math Stars can receive additional benefits from engagement with the program, such as awards to display, school-wide sponsorship for math competitions and other enrichment, and joint publicity of Stars’ accomplishments

Providing the math resources that my child needed was feeling so stressful and out of reach last summer, and now it feels nearly effortless and really exciting. The difference is tangible, and deeply appreciated.

National Math Stars Parent