National Math Stars

National Math Stars

About the Program

National Math Stars is a ten-year, fully funded program that supports and inspires our Stars’ love of mathematics from as early as third grade through the end of high school. Every Star is unique, so we work in close partnership with them and their families to design a journey that aligns with their strengths and interests. Over the ten years, we invest more than $100,000 in support and resources in each Star to create a pathway for them to reach the frontiers of mathematics, science, and technology.

Our four key program components are:

Mathematics Development

Stars explore deep, engaging, and challenging mathematics at a pace and level customized to their needs.

  • Advanced Math Courses

    Stars enroll in at least one advanced math course each semester, either through our partners Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) or through other high-quality providers.

  • Weekly Math Mentoring

    To cultivate a strong mathematical identity, Stars engage in 30- to 60-minute individual or collaborative weekly sessions with a math mentor. These sessions involve deep problem solving, exploring new concepts, and posing mathematical questions.

  • STEM Summer Experiences

    Stars enjoy annual, fully funded STEM summer experiences. These opportunities connect them with like-minded peers and talented faculty, fostering in-depth explorations of new STEM concepts.

  • STEM Program Pathways

    As our Stars identify their fields of interest, we collaborate to build flexible pathways aligned with these interests, including options like research in mathematics or a focus on computer science.

Financial Support

Stars and their families receive financial support for STEM opportunities of their choice during the school year and summers.

  • Annual Family Budget

    Families receive a yearly budget for their Star to participate in STEM enrichment opportunities such as robotics clubs, museum memberships, chess lessons, and more. Our advisors guide families in maximizing these funds to fully support their child’s STEM interests.

  • Technology Welcome Pack

    Stars receive a welcome pack at the program’s start to ensure access to virtual math courses, mentoring, and resources. The pack includes technology, supplies, books, and games!

Family Advising

Stars and their families receive comprehensive, ongoing support from advisors who understand the needs of academically advanced students.

  • Dedicated Family Advisor

    Families receive continuous support from an advisor throughout their 10-year journey. Advisors meet monthly with families to build personalized pathway plans, identify and enroll in STEM programs, and address any individual needs.

  • School Advocacy

    Advisors collaborate with families to advocate for their child’s needs in school. This includes sharing information on advocacy rights, building school relationships, navigating gifted and special education programs, and determining appropriate math class placements. Their support extends to researching, applying to, and selecting schools during key transitions.

  • College Counseling and Career Exploration

    During high school, Stars explore career pathways through internships and events. We provide quality college counseling to ensure Stars can apply to and afford their preferred colleges.

Supportive Community

Stars and their families are connected and supported in a community of belonging.

  • Supportive Cohort Model

    Stars and their families kick off the program with an in-person Welcome Weekend and engage in regular in-person and virtual events throughout their 10-year journey. From quarterly virtual community events to family- and advisor-led meet-ups and interest-driven clubs, we foster a strong, lasting community.

  • Family and Star Forums

    Stars and their families have access to forums during and after the program to stay connected and share experiences.

  • Family Resources and Updates

    Families have access to a database of key resources as they navigate supporting their child’s strengths, areas of growth, and interests. Families also receive newsletters with program updates and celebrations of Stars’ and their families’ achievements.